Life Sucks? Or is it Our Attitudes?


First and foremost, I am so guilty of this mindset. Mental health aside, I was and can still be a negative person. I think we all can. However, its important to recognize when you find yourself being dramatic and moody.

All too often I hear from people of all ages whining about how “life sucks.” Those two little words have such fierceness.

Life sucks. Does it really?

Your husband cheated on you. Life sucks. He broke you heart, he betrayed your trust, he filled your heart with hate and malice. Life sucks!

You’re struggling to pay bills. Life sucks. You work a decent job, but still live paycheck to paycheck. Your coworkers are snobby and your boss doesn’t recognize what you bring to the table. Life sucks!

You failed a class. Life sucks. You worked your ass off, your professor was so unfair, nothing you do is good enough. Life sucks!

Is it life that sucks, or is it your attitude that hinders you from appreciating the good?

Of course we have bad days. We are only human. We have feelings and emotions that deserve validation. We don’t need to explain ourselves to anyone. But at what point do our bad days turn to bad lives? When in time did we allow ourselves to become lost in the doom?

Ok, your husband cheated on you. It’s awful and its heartbreaking and it makes no sense. But out of that wasted marriage you were given two wonderful children. Wildly successful kids, with college degrees and beautiful children of their own. Out of that marriage you were given a sense of self-respect. Your worth has new meaning.

Ok, you’re struggling with bills. There’s no way around it. We all financially struggle– its a part of life we can’t avoid. But out of that job you’ve gained useful experience. You met a great friend. You’re struggling but you have a roof over your head, and your bills are paid, and you have food to eat. Ok, so you can’t afford that three hundred dollar handbag, but who needs it anyway? In three years you will have worked your way up the ladder and you will find yourself struggling less.

Ok, you failed a class. You didn’t fail life. Failure is a part of the process. We cannot excel in everything we do. Its unrealistic. Instead, you work just as hard, if not harder next time. You pass the class. You move on. Life moves on.

Realistically speaking, life can be cruel. Anyone that has experienced tragedy knows that.   I am a firm believer that regardless of life’s curveballs, you get what you put in. Generating negative energy constantly will get you nothing but negativity in return. Expel positivity, and you might be surprised.

Life isn’t always going to be sunshine. You will have bad days, maybe even terrible days. But like everything else, it gets better. Things come and go. Feelings pass. Burdens rise. The leaves will die and grow again and life will stop for no one.

I may even break this advice. You might hear me go off on a tangent, crying about something or complaining about something. You will too. We all fall off the beaten path. Its important to recognize when you’re being silly so you can go back to being you.

Have a good weekend, and keep on keeping on.

We need you.

4 thoughts on “Life Sucks? Or is it Our Attitudes?

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  1. Like you said, this is soooo hard to remember sometimes!! It’s posts like these that help me remember to do so! I just have to follow lol! Love the positive content.

    Liked by 1 person

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