I’m an Asshole— and You Are Too

Understanding and accepting that you’ve done yourself wrong is exhilarating and scary. Its not easy to come to terms that sometimes we are not the best we can be. We are not the example we know we should be. We are not kind to ourselves or others. Our intentions can be ill, our lack of compassion concerning.

We are only human. I’d like to think that most of us are inherently good. There’s always a few exceptions. Most of us don’t wake up in the morning and think to ourselves “How can I ruin someone’s day today?”

Last week, while working, a man approached me. He wasn’t the most desirable looking man; not to me. The first thing I did was judge him by how he looked. As the universe would have it, he was a nice and friendly man– and boy, did I feel like shit after. I actually had to step back for a moment and ask myself what the hell I was doing. That man did nothing to me; he did not hurt me, he did not offend me. I was cruel for no reason. I felt so badly afterwards. I would never in a million years condone that behavior from someone else, so why did I allow myself to think maliciously?

I don’t know if I have an answer. It likely boils down to one simple statement– we are human. Nothing else. We may be vastly different, but at the end of the day we are all equals. Regardless of how often we preach positivity and kindness, we can slip and shatter. We should feel bad about it; at least for a little while. We are all humans trying to get by, all of us are trying to make it in a world that doesn’t make it easy at the start. We should be making it easier for each other. Why don’t we?

When I step into work tonight and interact with each and every single person, I will do my best to be nicer. Sometimes I forget that people aren’t inherently mean, they screw up like the rest of us do. We all have bad days.

To the man I wrongfully judged– I am truly sorry. I am not perfect and my attitude isn’t always admirable.

To the people I’ve treated poorly– I will do better. I will try.

To myself– Thank you for never giving up. I am proud of you and your ability to recognize when you’re wrong.

As always, I am glad you’re here. Stay blessed.

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