Unapologetic Growth

We never realize when we are growing because we’re usually too busy living our lives to notice.


Its something we all do, in different phases, for different reasons. Usually the most heart-wrenching experiences leave us with the most water to let us bloom in ways we didn’t realize were possible. Death, divorce, job loss, an accident– the tragedies that debilitate us the most in the beginning leave us the wisest in the end.

I was a weak individual for awhile. I didn’t want to grow. Set in my ways, I was okay with that for a long time.

And then while I was out living my life, experiencing the daily, I grew. Unexpectedly, and now unapologetically; I became a different person. I am not who I was one year ago or even six months ago.

When we are comfortable we don’t accept the idea that things may change. We are numb to the notion that life can get worse or better or really, unbelievably good. Maybe unbelievably bad. We just don’t know.

We aren’t supposed to.

As humans, we are given a finite amount of time on this Earth. We are either lucky and live well into our 80’s, or we are led down different paths and are taken to our creator sooner as opposed to later. (If you believe in that, of course. Maybe we just become a ball of energy extended into the threshold. Maybe we go to heaven, or hell. Maybe nothing happens.)

It’s silly to stunt our growth in fear of what we could lose. It’s always loss we fear. We never imagine the opportunity we could gain. Humans are so silly.

Don’t hinder your growth. Water yourself, feed yourself the nutrients needed to make a gorgeous you. Weed out the bad and keep the good.

Expect that things can happen, and let them.

Keep growing,




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