A word of advice

When life becomes bleak and the lights in your soul dim out, look within and follow forward.

When you fail and fall and tumble and break, brush the dust off and confront the demons that have tripped you for so long.

When you wake up in the grogginess of a rainy morning, and your bones ache as the sheets fit comfortably around the curves of your body, get up and face the day.

When you drive to work and you feel the dread filling you up like a strong, tall glass of cheap vodka, smile and drink up.

When you gain the weight and feel the shame that society has made easy for you to mold into, get up and stretch away and forgive the shame that has consumed your psyche.

When you slip into the steaming hot shower and the water burns your skin and you like the way it feels when you cry because you can’t feel anything, keep crying. When you get out, start anew. You owe it to yourself.

The thing about life is that it sucks. Life truly sucks.

On the other hand, life can be a wonderful, whimsical experience and the beautiful part is that you are able to feel. Even on the days that run you numb, you are feeling. You are experiencing the important and delicate things life has to offer. We need that.

We need you.





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