Feature Writing #2- A Place

This semester is kicking my ass, one blow after another. 

Seriously, Fall 2017 has been the most difficult semester yet. Maybe that’s partially my fault. Perhaps my priorities aren’t aligned. Maybe I’m just too tired.

Within a few months time, my whole life changed. I am not who I was last year or even last semester. Just within the past month I’ve dealt with an increasingly worse time mentally, the death of a friend, a break up. These things change you as a person. We are constantly evolving. 

When my mentor and friend (and professor, I guess) suggested we write about a place we have been, there was no other feeling but dread inside me. Where the hell do I go that’s worth writing about? The reader doesn’t give a shit about that time I went to Disney five years ago.

I tried to think of a place, both abstract and concrete, that I’ve been to and has left an imprint on me. I suppose a lot of places have. One in particular, though, has changed my life forever.

For a long time I was scared to be myself. I was afraid to open up and show people who I really was and let my personality radiate a room full of individuals that were probably way cooler than I could ever be. But that place came, and I didn’t even realize it until much later.


The building that houses my major and similar majors is filled with creativity, warmth, and sometimes the occasional furry. (We can get past that last part if we try hard enough.) Never in my life have I been surrounded with like-minded individuals in a setting dedicated to the arts. These people were my people, and we were all here for a reason— to succeed.

I didn’t know back when I changed my major that I would be forever affected by my decision. I didn’t know Ed Ackerman and his quarters would give me a purpose. I didn’t know people would recognize me for writing. I didn’t know.

Now I know. 

The family I have made at Luzerne has surpassed anything I could imagine. Even on my loneliest days, I am never alone. The group of goofs and wise asses I surround myself with in the Advanced Technology Center have given me more than they might know or understand— a will to keep pushing forward because I owe it to these people for being a part of my life. A reason to rise above. I write about experiences, and these people deserve to feel like they have someone who understands. Trust me, I understand.

The friends I have made and the donuts I have eaten have given me a sense of achievement and also an extra couple inches on my waist line. I wouldn’t trade the feeling of content for anything else, even on the days I can’t get myself out of bed or the times I stare at my phone instead of engaging in worthwhile conversations.

The people in building 12 have given me a purpose I didn’t realize I wanted. 

I didn’t know when I started majoring in journalism that I would be freed of any restrictions I put on myself.

I didn’t know, but now I know.

I am eternally grateful—- even on my bad days. (There are lots of bad days.)  


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