Becoming a Product of Your Past 

We’ve all been through some shit. Life is not always kind. If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m sorry to be the one to inform you. 

Our experiences and unique situations shape us into individuals with lives full of surprise, joy, agony, and everything in between. It’s a journey, a full one at that. 

All too often I see people I know become a product of their past. 

I’m going to say what will likely be judged- blaming your behavior and decisions on your shitty past is no excuse. For anything.

It’s no excuse for being a shitty person, for putting your life on hold, for anything. Your past is no excuse for being less than what you could be.

Stop taking your anger out in all the wrong ways because life dealt you differently. Unfortunately not all of us live the American dream. We all weren’t “lucky” enough to be born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Most of us won’t know what it’s like to live debt free or live lavishly. Life isn’t fair and it never will be. Accept it.

I bottled my anger up for so long regarding my father’s death, my depression, my anxiety. Every time something went wrong, I blamed my father and his action. Every time I hated myself or my decisions, I blamed my past. Every time I wanted my life to end, I blamed him and the situation that led me there.

That’s no way to live. I wish I could go back and slap my adolescent self in the face. 

I know so many people who chalk up their failures and miserable lives as something they have no control over. Except they do have control, they’re just not willing to admit they’re too scared or too insecure to reach their full potential. They think they’re not worthy of a good life or that there’s no possible way to reach the top.

There is a way, you’re just too afraid to reach for it. 

Life is too short to mess around with something as important as your happiness. Stop making up excuses as to why you’re not happy. Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes life really blows. Sometimes we lose sight of who we are- but that’s just it. Sometimes. Not all the time. Get off your ass and realize how important you are and how imperative it is to live a full and good life. 

You’re not going to achieve shit by sitting back and taking your life out on other people. Your attitude probably has a part of your success- or lack thereof. 

It’s harsh. I’m not here to coddle you and pretend that life is a breeze and everything is candy-coated and fun. Some things are rarely pure and happy. 

The universe took away half of who I was. It prevented me from many things. I lost a lot of good, childhood years. Sometimes I’m still angry over the consequences of other’s actions. Sometimes I realize I have no reason to be angry.

But I’ve come to realize I cannot and will not become a product of my father’s death. I won’t become a product of my sexual assault. I won’t become a product of bullying, self-hatred, or depression. I won’t let my anxiety get in the way of things I need to accomplish. 

And neither should you-

you’re important and the world needs the best you that you could be. 


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