My Best Friend and Biggest Supporter

There has only been one person so far in my life that has not let me down.

They have protected me, taken care of me, loved me unconditionally. I’d even go as far as to say they have saved my life.

My mom is my entire world, my only biological parent, and my absolute best friend.

Even on my worst days, I can find her encouragement through the deep sea of sadness.

Throughout my life I have had plenty of friends that have come and gone and lingered– my mother is the only one that has stayed and loved me through it all. I’m lucky enough to call her my mother and my friend. I’m lucky enough to have a parent that gives a shit. I’m so, so lucky.

After my dad died, my anxiety inflated and I knew there was going to be a point in my life where she would be gone too. I don’t like to think like that, of course. No one does. But it has made me much more aware and thankful for my time with her. I couldn’t imagine treating her like some kids I see treating their parents… it breaks my heart.

My mom has given me much more than I could ever thank her for. She has sacrificed so much of her life to make mine better, I know better than to waste the opportunity to waste my chance at “making it.”

She has supported me through high school. She never punished me for my bad grades– she knew I was trying my best. She has encouraged every bit of my writing, every silly article I ever posted or poem I’ve written. She has never poked or prodded at my passion and career choice. She makes me laugh, pushes me along, and loves me for who I am.

When I thought about writing this article I imagined how amazing it would sound. I figured it would sound so wonderful and inspiring. I thought wrong, because regardless of how much or how little I write about her, it could never justify how much I love and appreciate her. She will never know just how much I cherish her, even if we aggravate and annoy each other sometimes.

When I was growing up, kids around me seemed to have everything and anything… but they didn’t have my mom. 

I think I’m the one who had it all. 


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