Thick or Thin?

This morning I was lucky enough to have been awake for no more than three whole minutes before I read an article titled “15 Thoughts Every Guy Has When Dating a Bigger Woman.”

Let me save you 10 minutes of complete idiocy for the sake of your brain cells. Jim Hogue, the author of this article, explains that men may feel intimidated by thinner women due to their looks. He goes on to explain that bigger women tend to be funnier, better cooks, and great for men’s confidence because of their size. Although his writing content absolutely blows, he manages the talent of offending both thin and big women at the same time. Truly commendable.

What if I told you I was about to blow your mind?

What if I told you that men can date whatever size girl they find attractive and should not feel like shit about it? 

What if I told you that every size women is deserving of a healthy, loving relationship?

I know, it’s crazy. It’s hard to believe in a scale obsessed world that people are still people and looks are a small fraction of what’s really important. 

So, yes! Bigger women are fun to date. And wait for it… So are thinner women! Why? Because we all have different preferences and no one should be ashamed of who they choose to be with. That includes a young, attractive male dating a larger woman and vice versa, just in case any shallow minded individual needed to question it. No wonder why quite a few of you can’t find love…hmm. But that’s none of my business.

And for the men out there- I hope you choose to be with someone who takes care of you and loves you, regardless of weight and are not given grief for it. 

We are all worthy and no one should tell us otherwise. If looks mean more to people than the happiness they gave you, there’s a much bigger problem than weight going on here. 

So Jim Hogue, kiss my big girl ass. 

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