To My Friends in College…

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you all for making it through another semester, even if it was the hardest one yet. There’s nothing more relieving than knowing that finals are over and a break awaits you. However, it seems as though a majority of you are not proud of yourselves due to your grades, how you handled the semester, etc. You should be, and here’s why:

I know most college students strive for the 4.0. It’s the magic number that basically guarantees you a spot in the school of your choice if you plan on transferring. Unfortunately, not everyone will achieve this. It doesn’t matter how hard they try, they just can’t do it. That’s okay. Showing up to class on time and putting all of your effort into your education is what matters. Knowing you put every ounce of energy you had into that final, that lab, or that paper, that’s important. Not everyone is cut out for a 4.0. It’s the truth some may not want to accept, but you can’t run from it.

You are trying. You are waking up everyday and doing your best, studying hard, and working your ass off. Some of you may even have jobs, and that’s even more reason to be proud! Students can get so caught up in each other’s grades, they forget their own. We are all unique and made differently. There is no right or wrong. Do your best and if you failed, at least you can say you gave it your all and move on.

Grades are important but they do not define your character or work ethic. Intelligence can not be determined by a multiple choice quiz. Put your best foot forward every day and accept yourself, flaws and all. It may take some time but you will get there. You are important.

Even when it seems no one is proud of you or how hard you worked, I am. I hope you all enjoy your summer and continue to work even harder in the fall. Good luck. 


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