5 People to Avoid in Your Early Twenties

Your early twenties can be such an exciting and refreshing time in your life. Between going to school and finding yourself, focusing on a career you wish to pursue, and spending time with the people that matter the most; it’s truly special. The great thing about this time in your life is that you are still young. You don’t have to be committed to anything just yet, which makes life just a little lighter. Being positive and driven towards your future and what life has to offer is so important during this period. Unfortunately, some people lingering in your life may be harmful for you. Kick these people to the curb as soon as possible to relieve yourself from extra stress and discouragement.

The Moocher

Everyone knows a moocher. They don’t work, they don’t go to school, and they definitely don’t care. This person has no shame in stealing your food, your money, and your energy. The Moocher needs to be out of your life immediately, even if they are a so-called friend (Or even worse, a boyfriend/girlfriend). Before you know it, you’ll be broke, sad, and probably hungry.

The Downer

Everyone has bad days now and then and that is perfectly normal. However, if you are surrounded by someone who hates life, hates themselves, and finds a reason to complain about anything and everything- they have to go. It may sound harsh, but you will never truly be content in life with a person hovering of your shoulder and finding the bad in everything. The Downer is exhausting and you don’t need that keeping you down.

The Big Spender

There is always someone in your life that spends and spends without a second thought about it. I don’t know about you, but my mom definitely doesn’t help pay for my bills and my dad sure as hell wouldn’t if he was still here. These people can have a huge negative influence on you, perhaps convincing you to buy things you know you do not need or eat out when you should be paying off your credit card bill. Get away from these people before you find yourself spending more than you earn. (I’m still figuring this one out!)

The “Party-Before-Work” People

Maybe this is just me, but I cannot stand those who choose to party and go out before getting their work done. Students who treat college as a joke and use financial aid to buy booze are the worst kind of people, in my opinion. If you choose to hang around these types of individuals, prepare to fail out because you’ll probably end up in a bathtub of your own vomit on the morning of an exam. What the hell do I know, though?

The “Better than you” Crowd

You know these people. They drive nice cars, go to top universities/make great money, and have the nicest of everything. You best believe they will make you fully aware of how much better they are compared to you. This crowd will post pictures of their cars on Facebook with captions to make you feel like shit for owning a Toyota and not an Audi. They could definitely be a walking advertisement for Gucci, but they don’t care. I’m rather positive that these people do not have souls, so it’s probably best you stay far away. You don’t need these people discouraging your grind.

Before you know it, you’ll be grown with a family and have even more responsibility than you do now. Enjoy life in the moment without these people bringing you down in the process.

Good luck and have fun.







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